Professional SEO Consulting Services – Top 11 Firms in 2024

As the competition in digital marketing increases, SEO consulting has become increasingly crucial. In 2024, businesses seek professional guidance to navigate the complexities of search engine optimization and secure a competitive edge.

This article looks into various aspects of SEO consulting, including an overview of the concept, key statistics, and a look at the top 11 professional SEO consulting firms. We’ll also explore the nuances of consulting services, understand what SEO consulting entails, and examine its various facets, such as local consulting, consulting rates, and its significance for small businesses, startups, bloggers, and e-commerce.

The insights shared here are based on the latest information as of July 2024.

The Shift in SEO Consulting

SEO consulting in 2024 is marked by a shift towards more personalized and data-driven strategies. SEO consultants leverage advanced tools and technologies to deliver more targeted and practical solutions.

The rise of AI and machine learning has opened up new possibilities for automating and enhancing SEO processes. At the same time, there’s a growing emphasis on ethical SEO practices and transparency, with businesses increasingly valuing consultants who adhere to industry guidelines and prioritize open communication.

One of the critical trends shaping SEO in 2024 is the integration of SEO with other aspects of digital marketing. SEO consultants are working more closely with content creators, social media managers, and PPC specialists to create comprehensive digital strategies that boost online visibility and drive organic traffic. The role of SEO consultants has also expanded to include areas like UX design and website development, reflecting the holistic nature of modern SEO.

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SEO Consulting Statistics

The impact of professional SEO consulting can be seen in the impressive statistics.

  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 63.41% of all US web traffic referrals come from Google.
  • 92.96% of global traffic comes from Google Search, Google Images, and Google Maps.
  • SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media.
  • 60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc.) is their highest quality source of leads.
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate.
  • Google is the most used search engine in the world, with a mobile market share of 95.32% and a desktop market share of 81.95%.
  • There are an estimated 3.5 billion searches on Google each day.
  • 61.5% of desktop and 34.4% of mobile searches result in no-clicks.
  • 15% of all Google searches have never been searched before.
  • The average top-ranking result has a CTR of 9.28%, followed by 5.82% and 3.11% for positions two and three.
  • A relevant search influences 39% of purchasers.

These statistics demonstrate the value and effectiveness of professional SEO consulting. By leveraging the expertise of SEO consultants, businesses can enhance their online visibility, increase organic traffic, and achieve higher search engine rankings.

Top 11 Professional SEO Consulting Firms

1. WebFX

WebFX is a leading SEO firm that offers a wide range of services, including SEO strategy, keyword research, content optimization, and link building. Their clients have reported an average ROI of 25% higher than other SEO agencies.

2. SocioBright

SocioBright is a top SEO marketing agency specializing in creating custom content strategies for their clients. They have a team of experienced SEO consultants who work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that drive results.

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3. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a top-rated SEO firm featured on and DesignRush. They offer a comprehensive suite of SEO services, including technical SEO, on-page optimization, and link building.

4. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers SEO consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Their team of experts uses data-driven strategies to help clients improve their search engine rankings and drive more website traffic.

5. SEO Brand

SEO Brand is a leading SEO firm that has been featured on Forbes Advisor and U.S. News. They offer SEO services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

6. SEO Image

SEO Image is a top-rated SEO consulting firm featured on and DesignRush. They specialize in helping businesses improve their online visibility through technical SEO, content optimization, and link building.

7. Victorious

Victorious is a leading SEO firm featured on and U.S. News. They offer SEO services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

8. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers SEO services to businesses of all sizes. Their team of experts uses data-driven strategies to help clients improve their search engine rankings and drive more website traffic.

9. Boostability

Boostability is a top-rated consulting firm featured on Forbes Advisor and U.S. News. They offer several SEO services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

10. 1Digital Agency

1Digital Agency is a leading consulting firm helping e-commerce businesses improve online visibility. Their SEO services include technical SEO, content optimization, and link building.

11. SEO Werkz

SEO Werkz is a top-rated SEO firm featured on and DesignRush. They offer a comprehensive suite of SEO services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

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What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting involves the provision of expert advice and guidance to businesses on improving their online visibility and search engine rankings. SEO consultants work closely with companies to develop custom strategies and tactics tailored to their unique needs and goals.

SEO Consulting ServiceDescription
Keyword ResearchIdentifying the most relevant and valuable keywords for your business and optimizing your website’s content around those keywords.
On-Page OptimizationEnsuring that your website’s content, meta tags, and other on-page elements are optimized for search engines.
Link BuildingBuilding high-quality backlinks from other reputable websites to improve your website’s authority and search engine rankings.
Technical SEOEnsure your website’s content, meta tags, and other on-page elements are optimized for search engines.

SEO Consulting Services & Tactics

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consulting involves helping businesses improve their online visibility and organic search rankings to drive more relevant website traffic. Here’s an overview of common SEO consulting tactics:

  • Website Audit and Analysis: Review the website’s structure, content, and technical elements thoroughly. Identify areas for improvement related to SEO best practices and analyze competitors’ SEO strategies and keyword rankings.
  • Content Strategy and Creation: Develop a content strategy aligned with SEO and business goals
  • Local SEO (for local businesses): Optimize Google Business Profile and other local listings. Ensure NAP (Name, Address, Phone) consistency across the web, Pursue local citations and directory listings, and encourage customer reviews on Google and relevant sites.
  • Technical SEO: Improve site speed and mobile friendliness, fix crawl errors and broken links, implement an XML sitemap and robots.txt file, and set up proper canonicalization and redirects.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Set up tracking tools like Google Analytics and Search Console, monitor organic traffic, keyword rankings, and other KPIs, provide regular reports showcasing progress and areas for improvement, and continually adjust strategy based on results and new opportunities

    The tactics prioritized will depend on the client’s website, industry, competition level, and goals. Effective consulting takes a holistic approach, ensuring all elements are optimized to drive maximum search visibility and organic traffic over time. It requires staying up-to-date with ever-evolving search engine algorithms and SEO best practices.

    Exploring Local SEO

    Local SEO consulting is a specialized field that optimizes a business’s online presence to attract more customers from relevant local searches. These searches take place on Google and other search engines.

    Local SEO services often serve as a lifeline for busy businesses that need to stand out in competitive industries. From agency services to tools that automate your local marketing, there are plenty of options to help your rankings. Semrush Local, for instance, helps local businesses set themselves apart and become the go-to local solution in their industry.

    SEO Consulting Rates

    The cost of consulting SEO roles can vary widely, depending on various factors such as the provider’s reputation, the scope of the project, and the specific services offered. On average, SEO consulting costs range from $50 to $150 per hour. Monthly SEO services can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more, depending on the needs of the business.

    For instance, Brafton offers consulting services to help businesses solve their biggest SEO challenges. They provide a custom consulting service package based on the organization’s unique needs, from the industry to business objectives.

    a small business owner having a discussion with an SEO consultant in a cozy coffee shop.

    Consulting for Small Businesses SEO

    For small businesses, SEO can be a game-changer. It can significantly boost the revenue businesses attract from search engines. Because it’s a more targeted approach, good local SEO strategies often lead to higher conversion rates.

    SEO Service ProviderKey Features
    SocioBrightCustom SEO strategy, ROI tracking, Revenue acceleration platform
    SurferSEOKeyword research, On-page optimization, Link building
    ThumbtackSEO audits, Content creation, Technical configuration
    Direction.comSEO audits, Content creation, Link building
    Remember, the costs can vary depending on the specific needs of your business. It’s always a good idea to request a custom proposal to understand better what you’ll be getting for your investment.

    SEO for Startups: How to Begin

    Startups face unique challenges regarding SEO, as they often have limited budgets and resources. However, investing in SEO early on can pay off in the long run, as it can help startups establish a solid online presence and attract more customers. According to a study by BrightEdge, organic search drives 53% of all website traffic, making it a crucial channel for startups to focus on.

    When choosing an SEO agency for a startup, looking for one with experience working with startups and understanding their unique needs is essential. Some key factors to consider include pricing, expertise, and the agency’s track record of success.

    Loopex Digital recommends agencies like Smash Digital, CanIRank, and Markitors for startups, as they offer affordable pricing and have a proven track record of helping startups grow their online presence.

    Another option for startups is to handle SEO in-house, which can be more cost-effective in the long run. Ahrefs recommends a step-by-step approach for startups doing SEO on a budget, which includes conducting keyword research, optimizing on-page elements, building quality backlinks, and tracking progress with tools like Google Analytics.

    By following these steps and continuously iterating based on data, startups can gradually improve their search rankings and drive more organic traffic to their site.

    The Importance of Consulting for Bloggers

    For bloggers, SEO is essential for driving traffic and growing their audience. However, many bloggers struggle with the technical aspects of SEO and may not have the time or expertise to optimize their sites effectively. This is where SEO consulting can be helpful, as consultants can provide guidance and support to help bloggers improve their search rankings and attract more readers.

    When choosing an SEO consultant for a blog, it’s essential to look for someone who has experience working with bloggers and understands their unique challenges. Neil Patel, an SEO blogger and expert, recommends looking for consultants who offer a range of services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation. He also suggests asking for case studies and references to ensure the consultant has a track record of success.

    One key area where bloggers can benefit from SEO consulting is content optimization. By conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing blog posts for relevant keywords, bloggers can improve their search rankings and drive more targeted site traffic. Consultants can also help bloggers create a content strategy that aligns with their business goals and target audience, ensuring their content is valuable and search-friendly.

    an SEO consultant optimizing an ecommerce website on a computer in a bright workspace.

    SEO for E-commerce Consulting Services

    E-commerce sites face unique challenges regarding SEO, as they often have large product catalogs and complex site architectures. According to a study by Searchmetrics, the top three ranking factors for e-commerce sites are content, backlinks, and mobile-friendliness, making these key areas to focus on for e-commerce SEO.

    When choosing an SEO agency for an e-commerce site, looking for an agency with experience working with e-commerce businesses and understanding their unique technical challenges is essential. OuterBox Design is an example of an agency specializing in e-commerce SEO and offers services to help online stores improve their search rankings and drive more sales.

    One key area where e-commerce sites can benefit from SEO consulting is technical optimization. This includes optimizing site architecture, improving site speed, and ensuring search engines correctly index product pages. Consultants can also help e-commerce businesses create a content strategy that targets high-value keywords and provides valuable information to potential customers.

    AgencyPricingExpertiseE-commerce Experience
    E-commerce ExperienceCustom pricing based on project scopeTechnical optimization, content strategy, conversion rate optimizationOver $2 billion in online sales generated for clients
    Victorious SEO$2,500 – $10,000+ per monthKeyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creationExperience working with large ecommerce brands like FurnitureMaxx and Bulletproof
    Inflow$5,000 – $15,000+ per monthTechnical optimization, content strategy, conversion rate optimizationOver $500 million in e-commerce revenue was generated for clients

    Enjoying SEO Consulting Benefits

    SEO consulting has emerged as a game-changer in digital marketing. An SEO consultant is a professional who assists businesses in improving their websites’ visibility in search engines. They work with organizations on technical, on-page, and off-page SEO strategies to enhance lead-generation opportunities and convert visitors into paying customers.

    One of the key benefits of hiring an SEO consultant is the potential for a significant return on investment. For instance, WebFX claims its SEO consulting services can help businesses earn a 25% higher ROI. This is achieved by driving more organic traffic to your website, which can lead to increased sales and revenue.

    Another significant advantage is the improvement of your overall site. SEO consultants can enhance your site by refining the user experience and usability, auditing your site to identify problem areas, restructuring confusing layouts, and optimizing various facets to boost its overall speed.

    SEO Consulting Insights: Key Takeaways

    The landscape of SEO consulting is constantly evolving, with new trends and insights emerging regularly. In 2021, 15 SEO experts shared their insights on the state of SEO. They highlighted the increasing complexity of SEO, with more elements to focus on, question, and test, such as the new Core Web Vitals, including user experience and page load speed.

    One of the key takeaways from these insights is the growing emphasis on user experience, particularly for users of mobile devices. Another important insight is the shift towards targeting search intent over literal keywords. SEO consultants now focus on understanding what users look for when they type in a search query rather than simply trying to match exact keywords.

    This article also covered the ‘Top 11 Professional SEO Consulting Firms’ and other topics. The last content update was in July 2024.

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    a person reading a list of frequently asked questions about SEO consulting on a tablet.

    Seo Consulting FAQs

    Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about SEO consulting.

    What is SEO Consulting?

    This refers to providing expert advice and guidance to businesses or individuals looking to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. An SEO consultant is an independent expert who offers various services to boost website rankings. They use multiple techniques to help search engine algorithms find and rank websites to gain more visibility and traffic for businesses.

    What are the Benefits of SEO Consulting for Businesses?

    It can provide numerous benefits for businesses. It can boost a company’s credibility, as a site that ranks high on search engine results pages is typically considered high-quality and trustworthy. SEO consulting can save businesses time and money by providing expertise and proven strategies. Furthermore, it can give businesses a competitive advantage, as those who invest heavily in SEO often outrank the competition in search engine results and gain market share.

    How Can SEO Consulting Improve Website Traffic?

    SEO consultants develop tailored SEO strategies that reflect a company’s unique traits, stay current with algorithm changes, and use ethical practices to avoid penalties. By performing these tasks, an SEO consultant aims to improve a client’s website visibility, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately enhance the business’s overall online presence and performance in search engines.

    What are the Key Services Offered By SEO Consultants?

    SEO consultants provide several services to improve a website’s online visibility. Some of the most common services they provide include keyword research, link building, SEO reporting, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO. They also conduct SEO audits, create SEO strategies, optimize existing site content, fix technical SEO issues, and improve site navigation and page organization.

    What is the Role of an SEO Consultant in Digital Marketing?

    In digital marketing, an SEO consultant plays a crucial role. They help businesses improve their websites’ ranking in search engine results, making it easier for potential clients to find them. Their main objective is to help their website rank for terms supporting business objectives. They also create guidelines, reports, and strategies for clients to leverage in their marketing campaigns.

    How Much Does SEO Consulting Typically Cost?

    The cost can vary widely depending on the needs of the business and the service provider. On average, businesses paying a monthly retainer for SEO will pay between $500 to $1,500 per month. For those paying by the hour, $75 to $100 is the most popular hourly rate. For one-off SEO projects, $2,501 to $5,000 per project is most common. However, these costs can be anywhere from low hundreds to $10,000 or more monthly, depending on your needs.

    How to Choose the Right SEO Consulting Firm for Your Business?

    Choosing the right SEO consulting firm involves several key steps. Understanding your stakeholders’ requirements is the first step, which includes factors like budget, goals, involvement, point of contact, location, time zone, specialization, and unique business information. It’s also essential to research what a ‘good’ SEO company looks like, which includes case studies, certifications, reviews, awards, transparency, experience, and reporting. You should also familiarize yourself with SEO and the core services most well-rounded partners will offer.

    What are the Key Skills Required for SEO Consulting?

    The critical skills required for SEO consulting include keyword research, technical SEO, on-page optimization, and link building. Other essential skills include understanding search engine algorithms and ranking factors, critical thinking, prioritization, time management, budget management, and pitching and closing.

    An SEO consultant should also have high technical ability, understand how search engines work and website architecture, and be conversant in the leading Content Management Systems (CMS).

    What is the Difference Between SEO Consulting and SEO Services?

    The main distinction between SEO consulting and SEO services lies in the scope and nature of the work. An SEO consultant works strategically, providing guidance and planning your SEO course, while SEO services dive into the nitty-gritty of implementing these plans. An SEO agency typically offers a team-based approach with various services at various price points. At the same time, an SEO consultant provides more personalized, in-depth services focusing on tailored strategies.

    How Long Does it Take to See Results From SEO Consulting?

    It typically takes three to six months for SEO to show results. However, the reality is that there’s no definitive time frame as it depends on multiple factors, such as your website’s history, your resources, your competition, and your goals. According to 82% of experts surveyed, SEO takes 6 months to show an increase in traffic on average, while the full results of good SEO strategies are visible after 12 – 24 months.

    How Can SEO Consulting Help in Increasing Online Sales?

    It can significantly boost your sales by improving your website’s visibility, attracting targeted traffic, and optimizing user experience. SEO isn’t solely a traffic-generating channel but a key revenue driver. Effective SEO strategies can improve your website’s visibility, attract targeted traffic, and boost your sales. SEO is vital to online success and delivers the highest return on investment for e-commerce websites.

    What are the Challenges Faced in SEO Consulting?

    The challenges faced in SEO consulting include project management, managing client expectations, complex technical challenges, getting buy-in, priority for the business, tracking effectiveness, and budgeting for tools/help. Other challenges include lack of speed, soft skills development, lack of resources, internal roadblocks to securing buy-in, centralized vs. decentralized SEO and SEO governance, focusing on the wrong SEO efforts, and historical enterprise SEO neglect.