Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads advertising is not a task for the weak-minded. Competition is fierce and allows for no mistakes.

For the last 2 years, we are running campaigns for one of the leading finance websites in the world.

Main target markets include the US and Sweden, both of which are facing extreme competition in the loan PPC industry

Typically the average loan keyword CPC for a good performing ad in the US is approximately $2.50, with the upper limit going up to $50/click. The range of expected CTR for those ads is around 1-7% for 95% of its distribution.

Conversion rates when it comes to affiliate offer redirects are within the range of 5%-20%, according to competitors data.

Our ads have managed to completely over-perform those expected ranges


The metrics for our campaigns are the following:

  • Conversion Rates: 60%- 280% (Avg.  176%)
  • Click-Through Rates: 10%-35% (Avg. 20%+)
  • Quality Scores: 9 to 10 (Avg. 9.7/10)
  • CPC: €0.4 – €1.7  (Avg. €0.85)
  • Cost per Conversion: €0.3 – €1.9 (Avg €0.5)

Below you can see some of the results for our Google Ads Search Network advertising throughout the last 30 days since this post was published (Jul 10, 2020 – August 8, 2020)


google ads advertising case study


Google Ads Domination

Those are big words, but definitely not exaggerated. Our campaigns have completely overperformed our competitor’s campaigns in every single metric we measured by a factor of 2 to 12.

This exceptional performance is based on very tailored campaign creation, consistent optimization, and addition to our own PPC strategy called “Neutron Ads”

In fact, our entirely innovative approach to Google us was the main contributor for us to gain the Google Partner award.

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